Wait…huh? Not only did this happen but Ochocinco posted the pic of himself kissing his TV screen during a recent airing of “Basketball Wives” on social media as well. Umm wow! Check it out in the video below. Yikes! Chad seriously it’s not a good idea to refer to her at all let alone […]

  Wow! Who would have thunk it? Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco was just released from a Florida jail for slapping his attorney’s behind last week and you will never guess what he had to say about the entire experience! TMZ cameras caught up with the former NFL star and he spoke about what went down. […]

  Chad Johnson has done plenty of things wrong over the years, but no one but Judge Kathleen McHugh thinks slapping his attorney in the buttocks and saying good job was one of them. According to TMZ the Florida AG doesn’t think Ocho Cinco deserved 30 days in jail either! Said FL Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi, […]

     How dumb can Chad Johnson be? The football player did not impress his judge after he slapped his lawyer’s butt right in front of her. Johnson was in court to go over his probation violation from his domestic violence case. RELATED: Producer Mario Winans Headed To Court Over Back Child Support Things were going […]

Ex-football star Chad Johnson has landed himself back in jail. he was recently arrested in Florida after a judge decided he violated his probation stemming from the 2012 domestic violence case involving Evelyn Lozada. A warrant for Johnson’s arrest was issued earlier this month after he failed to meet with his probation officer on two […]

  Yikes! According to TMZ, a warrant for Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco’s arrest has been issued in Broward County, FL, stemming from the incident between Johnson and his now ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, in which Chad allegedly beat Lozada in a domestic altercation last year. According to Chad’s twitter page,  he is currently in Pasadena, […]

  Just when you thought it was safe to never hear from these two again, Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson went on a Twitter rant about Evelyn Lozada’s  extra curricular activities yesterday and said some things that we are sure made her  publicist, Danika Berry, (whom he was arguing with) cringe! Ocho Cinco seems to have erased […]

Evelyn Lozada may have called her ex-husband Chad Johnson’s sex tape “boring,” but she just might be willing to make a better one with him. According to Necolebitchie, the estranged couple was spotted hanging out in Miami recently, corroborating statements by Chad that the two were living together again in their Miami home. The reality […]

Chad Johnson’s sex tape will apparently not be getting the Ray J treatment. After contacting both the FBI and his legal counsel, Chad has fired off a number of cease and desist letters demanding that any footage of the sex tape featuring he and two other women be removed from their sites. More from TMZ: […]

Even though it is Christmas I’ll refrain from making any d*ck in a box comments, especially since the  jokes write themselves for this next report. Chad Johnson has come clean…wait…Chad Johnson has admitted that he is the man in the sex tape making the rounds on the internet. The former NFL star and recent divorcee […]

We’ve all heard of expensive taste but this is getting out of control. Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) spent $8,000 on one pair of shoes. Now ladies before you get all worked into a lather it wasn’t a pair of Louboutins but the Marty McFly shoes from the “Back to the Future” film. Sources close to the former Miami  Dolphins player say […]