The "Pump It Up" rapper recently got in his feelings and decided to drop multiple diss records aimed at Drake.

Well…we will say this…the guy doesn’t sugar coat a thing! In a recent installment of Donkey Of The Day, Charlamagne drug Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez so long and so far she wasn’t even in an ATL zipcode anymore when he got done! It was all over her new music…called “Been Gettin Money”. Steebie J […]

  In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Charlamagne discussed why Paula Patton and Robin Thicke belong together forever and what he thinks caused them to split in the first place. Check it out in the video below!     Hmmm…we think he makes some good points there. So now…DISCUSS!   READ MORE HOT ENTERTAINMENT […]

Former teen idol (call it a prediction) Justin Bieber was giving a deposition to a court in a case regarding Justin’s bodyguard allegedly beating up a photographer. Bieber was reportedly disrespectful and arrogant through most of his 4 1/2 hour long deposition. Take a look at what Charlamagne had to say about him in the […]

In a recent DJ Vlad interview, Charlamagne spoke about his thoughts on “12 Years a Slave” winning the Oscar for “Best Picture,” saying that he’s done with slave movies. Said Charlamagne, “We’re more than that.” Charlamagne also spoke about the lack of support in the world for other darker skinned women in entertainment besides actress Lupita N’yongo. Take […]

Boy that Charlamagne man! Just when you think he’s said the utmost wildest thing that he could ever possibly say…he comes right back with something even crazier! But in all that wilding is often a nugget or two of super truth from which it stems. So, after a chit chat with DJ Vlad about face […]

Charlamagne called out Love & Hip Hop‘s Rich Dollaz and didn’t just spill the tea on him in his Donkey Of The Day segment he threw the tea kettle on the floor and then followed it up with the scones and pastries too! Wow! Push play below and find out what Charlamagne has to say about […]

Charlamagne discussed the erratic behavior of Gucci Mane. His behavior has been known to get him into trouble…check out Charlamagne’s theories as to why things have played out the way they have with the ice cream cone tatted rapper! Say whatever you like about Charlamagne…that guy speaks it like it’s in the bible doesn’t he? Yeah […]

Trinidad James spoke with VladTV about issues with Charlamagne and Peter Rosenberg among other things. This all stems from controversial comments against New York radio and the state of Hip-Hop in New York that James made while literally standing on a New York City stage. Take a look below! In a word…WOW! Good luck TJ! […]

Charlamagne strikes again and this time Drake is catching the brunt of the joke! In a DJ Vlad interview, Charlemagne was asked about his thoughts on Drake expressing his frustrations with being called sensitive all of the time. Never one to hold back… Charlamagne went in immediately!  Take a look below!     We told […]

Wow! In a recent Donkey Of The Day segment featuring Trinidad James, Charlamagne showed all the way off! No we mean even for Charlamagne! Calling Trinidad “Snaggle Tooth” and “Two Teeth James” and that’s just the beginning! Check out what he had to say to Trinidad regarding his on stage disrespect of New York Hip Hop […]

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Charlamagne broke down Hip Hop beefs and what happens when “friends” in the industry fall out. He also gives some hilarious insight on the type of women he feels he gets as a result of being a media figure! Check him out in all his irreverent awesomeness below! RELATED: What’s […]