Charli Baltimore hasn’t made news since she was rumored to have contracted all types of STD’s from an ex-boyfriend. The ex-Murder Inc. rapper recently shaved the side of her head and replaced the hair with a tattoo! She looks like a rip-off of Cassie… This tattoo, shaved head craze has to stop! Charli Baltimore Responds […]

Last week record producer Zach Williams posted a scathing video about rapper Charli Baltimore. In the clip he accused the rapper of having sex for favors, a cocaine habit and herpes among other things. Baltimore responded on her Twitter page that she was never romantically involved with Miller and that nothing he said was true. […]

Charli Baltimore’s ex-boyfriend, producer Zack Williams, is putting the former Notorious B.I.G. side piece on blast in a new video posted to YouTube.  In the video, Williams says the rapper is broke, has a drug problem and a bad case of herpes.