There are way too many subliminal and overt racist messages to unpack here.

After reading this story, you’ll never have to wonder why some people act like they can’t give you directions when you ask. A man in China found himself in the hospital after he stopped to give a trio of men directions, but woke up with a shot glass firmly implanted in his anus.   The […]

    As we previously reported, former B2K singer Raz B was hit in the face upon trying to break up a fight in a nightclub in China. He was taken to jail right after the incident and then let go once the authorities figured out that he was not involved in the brawl other […]

Singer Raz B can’t catch a break. The former B2K singer was recently hit in the face with a glass bottle while performing in China. According to the singer, he was performing at a club in Zhejiang and he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. Raz went over to break up the commotion […]

A maintenance worker in North East China gave some commuters an eyeful when he inadvertently posted a banned erotic movie onto an electronic billboard. The worker, Yuan Mou, was supposed to repair the screen on a building near the main railway station in Jilin in northeast China. When he was done working he began playing “The […]

A story broke recently about the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team getting into a brawl with a professional Chinese team during an exhibition game. After seeing the pictures and video, it’s safe to say the Hoyas got stomped out. The first thought I (@JaySpeakEasy) had was, “How are they going to show their faces when they […]