Chris Tucker, whose Netflix stand-up special is due out on July 10, is experiencing legal troubles in the form of comedian Terry Hodges suing both…

Netflix announced what titles will be coming and going for July, so let’s pick our favorites for our the month. We’re pleased to see Chris Tucker’s first stand up in years is on the list with Chris Tucker Live, and we’ll all finally be able to see if Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus was just as bad […]

From the early ’90s to about a decade onwards, comedian Chris Tucker was on top of the world. His high-pitched and high-speed style of comedy branded him an appealing comedic foil in many a movie. But now he’s looking to make his way back into the spotlight proper with an upcoming Netflix-produced stand-up special. After the world was […]

Woops! According to actor/comedian Chris Tucker, he arrived at an airport where an awaiting limo driver began to whisk him away to his ultimate destination. But something that the driver said let him know that he was not in the right car! Chris took to his Instagram to speak about the crazy situation. Take a […]

And there you have it. If you act a fool in an elevator and the tape of the incident gets revealed…be prepared for the comedians to live in the paint as it pertains to you. Chris Tucker had jokes and jokes and some more jokes for Jay, Bey and Solange after the events that jumped […]

The comedy “Friday” is a comedy classic that has had audiences doubled over in laughter since its debut in 1995. The weed comedy has gone on to spawn several successful sequels. While many of the actors have been excited about a fourth installment in the franchise, one actor isn’t too pleased about a fourth movie. […]

Twenty years after his late night talk show went off the air, actor and comedian Arsenio Hall made his return to late night television. His “Arsenio” show debuted on PIX 11 with guests Chris Tucker, Snoop Lion and Paula Abdul helping to get the party re-started. RELATED:  I See Black Black People! 2013 Fall TV […]

Chris Tucker sat down with Vulture and discussed whether or not he’ll be participating in sequels to Rush Hour and Friday. Yes, and, no, basically, and he’s laughing at much of what’s floating around the Web. Why haven’t you done a non-Rush Hour film in the last fifteen years? It’s not that often you get […]

Chris Tucker was able to establish a friendship with Michael Jackson before he passed away, and not many people know that MJ used to refer to Tucker as “Christmas.” In addition to revealing why Michael Jackson gave Tucker this moniker, the Rush Hour star talks about how he made the King of Pop laugh. Listen […]

Speculation about whether there would be a final Friday installment was quelled last month. Ice Cube confessed there would be a film called Last Friday. When Cube announced the new film, he also mentioned he and Chris Tucker were talking and trying to work something out to have Tucker appear in the film. However, it’s […]

Actor/comedian Chris Tucker has dug himself into a deep tax hole. He owes Uncle Sam $12 million in back taxes. Tucker was already delinquent on paying fedreal taxes to the tune of $11,571,909.26. That total accumulated from the years of 2001-2002 and 2004-2006.  As soon as he wrapped his head around that number, the state of […]

VIA: Mike Epps was in Houston promoting his upcoming stand up comedy tour, “Still Standing” and stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show to give us the scoop on his Twitter beef with Kevin Hart and his latest movies. Houston’s Top 25 Women Mike Epps has confirmed a new edition of Friday with Ice Cube, […]