The sport of boxing has seen better days. Between suspect knockouts and even more suspect decisions, the fan’s faith in the sweet science is beginning to wane. During out latest “Come Around My Way” barbershop debate the shop patrons debate what’s the difference between a boxer and a brawler. Is there a difference to you […]

In the next episode of our “Come Around My Way” barbershop talk series, the folks get into a heated discussion about the state of R&B music and confront the question every man must face–when is it time to let your hair go? Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and […]

Most men will tell you that the best conversations happen in The Barbershop. Everything from music and movies to politics and style gets discussed at the local clip joint. Over the next few weeks will be presenting “Come Around My Way,” a series of conversations we’ve recorded taking place at shops across the country. […]