The famed producer is back to business with the release of a new Beats by Dre commercial.

Don’t adjust your clocks, it’s not 2004, but that is  Mike Jones appearing in a commercial like it’s throwback Thursday. The Houston rapper, who famously wore his phone number on his shirt, is giving everyone a new number to call for the Law Offices of Mark Jones in Columbus, Georgia. The 30-second spot appeared during the Super […]

LeBron James‘ Cleveland homecoming is kind of a big deal, and that point is driven in his latest commercial for Nike. In the ad, we see the entire city come “together” in support of the Cavaliers. [Insert “awww” here.] Hopefully, this will be a sign that the team will be more loyal for LeBron’s second […]

American Ballet Theater soloist Misty Copeland did not have it easy. Growing up, her family lived in hotels. She started ballet at the Boys and Girls Clubs and much later than most prima ballerinas do. Her mother and a dance teacher fought each other in a custody battle. And, and most significantly in terms of […]

Popular 90s R&B group Boyz II Men is proving they still have the crisp harmonies that catapulted them to stardom. The group was just featured in a new Wendy’s commercial promoting the pretzel bun bacon cheeseburgers. The Grammy Award winners show Mary J. Blige they can sing about fast food and still keep their dignity. […]

Rapper/businessman Jay Z is throwing on his survival gear and heading out into the jungle. Blue Ivy’s daddy hopped on The X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons song “Jungle” and added his own special verse. The reason for the Jay Z remix is because the Roc Nation leader was commissioned to do it by Beats […]

What a world we live in where we can do something so heinous, like falsely interpreting one of the world’s greatest leader’s funeral, and get paid for the foolishness. This is the case for Mandela sign language interpreter where he was a complete and utter fraud. Because of his newfound “fame,” LiveLens App, a service […]

According to some, racism is dead and we live in a post-racial world. However, Kanye West hit the nail on the head when he said racism is still alive and they are just concealing it. While we think the racism in America is bad, it’s on another level over in Europe. A Portuguese ad agency […]

There is a controversy brewing that has people talking…a lot..and according to Spin Magazine it all centers around a new toy company called the Goldie Blox toy company. Take a look at the video below to see what has people so divided about what the company is doing and the way that they’ve gone about doing it! […]

  Phone company HTC has some trouble on their hands in the form of Nina Simone‘s estate. The estate for the late High Priestess of Soul is suing HTC for a minimum of a million dollars for use of Simone’s hit song “Sinnerman.” Simone’s estate brought the lawsuit against HTC because they claim the smartphone […]

When you’re married to one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, there’s no need to cast for an on screen leading lady. R&B singer Robin Thicke has recruited his wife Paula Patton to star in a Remy Martin ad. The gorgeous couple bring their patented chemistry to the lushly artistic commercial. In a behind […]