Coretta Scott King

“Sparkle” actress Carmen Ejogo was cast opposite David Oyelowo in “Selma.” Oyelowo will play the civil rights leader Martin Luther King while Ejogo takes a turn as King’s wife Coretta Scott King. The film “Selma” follows the journey of black protestors who marched from Selma to the state’s capital Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 to gain […]

Muslim civil rights activist Malcolm Shabazz has reportedly been arrested by the FBI, this according to reports from PressTV. Shabazz was on his way to Tehran, Iran to attend a conference on Hollywoodism, which is in its third year. Little information regarding Malcolm Shabazz’s arrest because the FBI is refusing to release any details about […]

Mary J. Blige may have just been replaced in the role of legendary soul singer Nina Simone, but she is still getting film roles. She and Angela Bassett will star in a Lifetime movie about Corettta Scott King and Betty Shabazz. Angela Bassett will not be playing Betty Shabazz. She will star in the project […]