The trailer for Orange is the New Black season 3 is out, and we only have one gripe: where the hell is Crazy Eyes?? We see the actress, Uzo Aduba, in a few clips, but we’d like some more, please. Despite that, here’s what we gathered will happen in the new season from the two-minute trailer: There are […]


Uzo Aduba has snagged a richly deserved honor as she won her first Emmy! The “Orange Is The New Black” star won a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series. It’s a little funny to see “OITNB” categorized as a comedy (maybe because it’s not as heavy as the dramas), but no one […]

When someone plays a memorable character, it’s hard to get their image out of your head, even when they’re living life as a “normal” person. This is especially the case of “Orange is the New Black‘s,” Crazy Eyes — we mean actress Uzo Aduba. She stunned the crowed when she showed up to the White […]

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  As we predicted yesterday, actress/”Dancing With The Stars” alum Julianne Hough has issued an apology for her ill thought out concept of a costume. RELATED: White Is The New Black: Julianne Hough Goes To Costume Party In Blackface In her attempt to portray African-American inmate Crazy Eyes (played by Uzo Adubaon) in “Orange Is The New Black”  the […]

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  According to TMZ, actress Julianne Hough decided it would be cool to go to a costume party in blackface. We don’t know if this was Julianne’s idea of being “Footloose” and fancy free or not but whomever told this girl that blackface was a good idea for any reason danced her into a corner […]