Donald Trump wins, but we will never lose.

Conversations about the N-word can be tiresome. Should we say it? Can White people say it? Will it always have hurtful connotations attached to it? Is…

The one uncanny thing about hip-hop culture that even I don’t understand, is the amount of money that it takes to live it. Maybe I should put that as, the amount of money that rappers say you should be spending to live it. As I really analyze music as a whole, its subject matter and […]

From the days of Run DMC’s Adidas to Biggie and his signature silk Versace shirts and shades, the worlds of Hip Hop and fashion have intertwined to form an eccentric yet compelling union.  Once limited to America’s urban communities, Hip Hop’s influence on fashion has globally transcended, making it a multi-billion dollar industry. During the […]