Katy Perry reached a huge milestone this week. To celebrate hitting over 1 billion views for her “Dark Horse” music video on VEVO’s official website, the singer took to Twitter to thank her fans and supporters. However, the California songstress riled up a certain someone for the way she signed off her tweet: “*heads back […]

Chicago rapper Twista has clocked more than twenty years in the hip-hop industry and is still considered an underdog. While some artists would be discouraged by their underdog status, Twista uses it as motivation to keep spitting rapid-fire rhymes over catchy beats. The “Overnight Celebrity” rapper refuses to allow anything or anyone get in the […]

Chicago rapper Twista has been hard at work on his upcoming album “Dark Horse” for quite some time now. Finally, it is ready for the world to hear. According to Best Buy’s website, Twista’s ninth album is set to be released on August 12th. But before we actually get to hear the album, we have […]