One of the most prolific comedians of the 2000s, Dave Chappelle is poised to make a return. Tickets to the intimate fall tour went on sale Tuesday, with the first show slated for September 14 in Salt Lake City. The tour will wrap on October 7 in Hershey, Penn. Fans will remember that the last […]

Dave Chappelle was spotted in the streets of New York City over the weekend looking pretty buff. We are all use to seeing a slim Dave Chappelle. I wonder why he has been hitting the gym? Lets just hope Dave is gearing up to do a movie or something. I think we would like to […]

We caught up with Charlie Murphy to find out the “True Hollywood Stories” behind “Jungle Fever” and the “Chapelle Show.” Apparently Sam Jackson wasn’t on crack and Prince really did beat him in basketball and apparently Prince got skills for real.