All it took to get Matt Barnes to open up about his soured relationship with Derek Fisher, was asking him. Recently, the Memphis Grizzly sat down for an interview with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored, a new radio show hosted by Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Jason Lee, Melyssa Ford, and DoBoy. Last year Barnes reportedly drove to his […]

For the second time in a week, the Memphis Grizzlies' Matt Barnes is taking an L.

Matt Barnes of the Memphis Grizzlies is finally getting in trouble for confronting Knicks head coach Derek Fisher.

News Derek Fisher didn’t have a great night against the Hawks; he was forced to watch his team’s porous defense as they lost, 112-101. Matt Barnes, who attacked Fisher earlier this month, didn’t have that much better of a night. Although the Grizzles beat the Pacers, Barnes had his night roughened by fans taunting “De-Rek Fisher” as he was trying to shoot free […]


An off-court altercation made more news than the NBA preseason. Yesterday, the Internet found out that Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to confront his former friend Derek Fisher about seeing his wife. The details are spilling as expected, and they’re pretty ugly, according to TMZ. Barnes reportedly punched Fisher in the mouth when he made the unexpected visit. TMZ reports that Fisher fought […]

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Matt Barnes has been known to be reckless on the court. However, none of his on-court antics comes close to what he reportedly did to Knicks coach Derek Fisher last weekend. The New York Post reports that Barnes drove 95 miles to his home in Los Angeles to assault Fisher when he found out the coach was hanging with his […]

Derek Fisher’s 13-year tenure with The Lakers is over. After winning five championships with co-captain Kobe Bryant, Fisher was shipped out to the Houston Rockets in a three-team trade. The Lake Show acquired guard Ramon Sessions from Cleveland in the deal. What Should Derek Fisher Do In Houston? The 37-year-old guard was drafted by the […]

True to his word, Commissioner David Stern has canceled two weeks of the upcoming NBA season (100 games). More than 100 days into the NBA lockout, with no end in sight, fans want to know what is really going on? Why can’t a bunch of millionaire players and billionaire owners reach a common ground and […]