DJ Beverly Bond

Her name is Bond. Beverly Bond (it sounds soooo much sexier when she says it, trust us.) With Skyfall in theaters today we thought it’d be fun to ask an authentic Bond girl (yes, that is her real name) if she was a fan of 007. Watch the clip as this DJ Hero shares her […]

Tonight the encore presentation of “Black Girls Rock 2012” will air on BET.  Founded in 2006, Black Girls Rock has grown from being a t-shirt line and mentoring program to being one of the most important celebrations of Black culture on television. sat down with the program’s founder, DJ Beverly Bond, to discuss why […]

After Amanda Diva hit a home run out of the park for “Trending Topics,” I (@itsJazzyFBaby) sat down with her for an exclusive interview. She speaks on the unity among women in the music industry and how the critics over seas know how to appreciate a true artist. Check out part 2 of TUD’s exclusive with […]

Tonight the lovely Nia Long hosts the 5th annual Black Girls Rock! Awards on BET.

Only in the crazy world of corporate America could someone be fired for looking too good. Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against Citibank for unlawful termination. The bank contested that she was simply too damned fine to work in the office and was a distraction to her coworkers. Most companies would be so lucky!