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T.I. links with longtime collaborator DJ Toomp to light the fuse (almost quite literally based on all the pyrotechnics) on his upcoming album, “Paperwork.” The video for the song “Turn It” is directed by PhillyFlyBoy and drops Tip in a myriad of gif-friendly scenarios that would make your favorite video game hero grind his teeth […]

On the extended version of his 1988 single “I Wish U Heaven,” Prince sang “Take this beat / I don’t mind / Got plenty others / and they’re so fine!”

It’s a safe assumption that there are no gray areas in Kanye West appreciation. Either you consider him a genius or you want to send him on a shopping spree with Sarah Palin using an an expired Amex Black card and a stack of I.O.U’s from MC Hammer. After listening to the leak of 808s […]