Lamar was removed from a Delta flight Monday night after getting wasted in the airport lounge and vomiting on the plane.

Ed Lover & Monie Love discuss all the alcoholic beverages they used to love to drink, but absolutely will not touch anymore! Click on the audio player to hear this hilarious exclusive clip from The Ed Lover Show.

Dave Chappelle proved even comedic geniuses have off nights … because hundreds of angry fans are demanding refunds after a Detroit performance many are calling…

Newly freed R&B singer Chis Brown better hope nobody involved in his assault case is a fan of gossip sites, otherwise Breezy could be facing more trouble. Why might Chris Brown be in more trouble? He was damn near carried out of a BET Awards after-party and  placed into a car being driven by his […]

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is the type of person you can’t take anywhere because you never know how they’re going to behave. During a recent trip to Miami, Rodman was thrown out of two ritzy restaurants for his rude and disruptive behavior. According to reports, Rodman visited Joe’s Stone Crab earlier in the week […]

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So according to TMZ, “The Worm” aka Dennis Rodman is now apologizing to everybody he can think of including; Kenneth Bae‘s family, his teammates, the CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and the CNN audience. Now if you have no idea what in the world Rodman is sorry for take a look at the video below and you will […]


According to TMZ, Lamar Odom admits to relapsing last week during the filming of that weird freestyle video where he seems to be saying he cheated on Khloe.  However he insists that he was s**faced drunk and not on a crack binge. Let’s take another look at that video below! RELATED: Lamar Odom Alludes To Cheating On […]

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  TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber posted a video of himself trying to record a flick for the new Instagram video service. It seems to some that he appears to be either high or drunk or on something super duper extra in the video. Perhaps he has a cold and needed cough meds, we […]