An earthquake, with roughly a 7.8 magnitude, shook a town near Nepal’s capital, Katmandu. Thousands have been injured and nearly 700 people have been found…

With tomorrow marking the one year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti, former Haitian presidential hopeful, Wyclef Jean has made peace with his former Fugees bandmate, Pras.

A great thing about comedians is that they can make you laugh through tough times. Earthquake is a guy you need to look up. He has done a special on Comedy Central and has been around for years making the world laugh. In this clip, he talks about how black people might be late for […]

Hip-Hop star Wyclef Jean will announce his bid for the President of Haiti, a source has confirmed with exclusively.

Rapper Wyclef Jean returned from his native home of Haiti on a mission dear to his heart.

Several weeks after the earthquakes in Haiti devastated the country, functionally illiterate R&B singer R. Kelly finally took some time out of his busy Pied Pipering schedule to post a video on YouTube soliciting donations for Yele Haiti.

If you missed last night’s “Hope For Haiti” telethon, your television must have been turned off as it was on every channel.  Check out some of the performance highlights from the telethon below!

From The New York Yankees are donating $500,000 in support of rescue and relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Wyclef implores Haitians in America to “step up.”