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The Sound

  Just when we thought T.I. was taking a break from music to focus on acting and fatherhood, the “King of the South” releases a five track EP titled Da Nic. The brief EP serves as a prelude to T.I.’s forthcoming tenth studio album, Dime Trap. Da Nic features his new release “Peanut Butter Jelly” and […]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is a rapper who has punchlines and jokes for days. However, on his upcoming EP “Freebase,” the man known as Tity Two Necklaces is giving his fans a grimier sound on the short project. “Freebase” serves as a little something t0 hold listeners over until 2 Chainz drops his third album […]

Music jack-of-all-trades Rico Love is bust promoting his EP “Discrete Luxury.” One of the most popular songs from it is “They Don’t Know,” which is a song that champions keeping your relationship between thee two people in it. In the video for the remix of it, Rico Love recruits Ludacris, Tiara Thomas, a his new […]

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have one source of income, especially if you’re in the entertainment industry. Every actor must also be a writer, producer, singer, dancer, and whatever else they need to be to earn some money. Actress Tatyana Ali has always embraced her other talents as a means of income. Back in […]

Up-and-coming rapper Tyrone Briggs is bringing back a diversity in rap music that hasn’t been heard in a while. Although the young MC can spit hardcore street tales with the best of them, on his latest track “Loser,” Briggs takes aim at those who live above their means. Tyrone Briggs hits listeners with a machine-gun […]

  Singer Jhene Aiko is making progress in her career. After linking up with legendary producer No I.D., Aiko is gearing up to release her latest EP “Sail Out.” Due to hit all available outlets on November 12, “Sail Out” features a star-studded list of collaborators. Jhene Aiko has features from Hip-Hop’s man of the […]

  Many people think once you get signed to a record label that you’re living on Easy Street, but in all actuality, signing the contract is truly when the work begins. The musical jack-of-all-trades known as Rico Love knows that fact all too well. When he was originally signed to Usher’s Us Records in 2004, […]

  In today’s musical landscape, a rapper coming in the game on the humble is a rarity. Rapper Tyrone Briggs is one of those rare artists who doesn’t perpetuate an air of arrogance like he’s doing music fans a favor by dropping material. In fact, Tyrone Briggs is a rapper who is hungry and ready […]