Presumably bored out of their minds or unable to locate a more SEO-friendly reality star, TMZ caught up with rapper Erick Sermon to ask him for his thoughts on Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer where the two discussed Jenner’s gender identity. Sermon said Jenner was “crazy” and proceeded to walk into conspiracy theory, publicity-stunt-accusing […]

New Jersey rapper Redman has made a reputation for himself in the hip-hop game. However, he owes most of that success to rapper/producer Erick Sermon. In the upcoming season of TV one’s hit series “Unsung,” Redman details how he met the E in EPMD. As usual, it’s a wild story about memorizing numbers, calling and […]

New Jersey rapper Redman is known for bringing that rambunctious energy to any song he guests on. He is also lauded for a few of his solo projects. One of the most beloved Redman set is Muddy Waters. Twenty years after first entering the rap game, Redman announced he will be releasing Muddy Waters 2: […]

Rumors surrounding Erick Sermon’s sexuality has been constant for years. Sermon has denied those unsubstantiated claims time after time. However, he recently gave an interview with Vladtv about his sexuality and homosexuality in hip-hop. Sermon maintains he is not gay and doesn’t believe he has ever worked with any gay rappers. Check the video below. […]

Having a heart attack is a major health scare, and Erick Sermon explains in full detail what happened before and after his heart attack this weekend. Hear Erick Sermon talk to Sway and Devi Dev on Sirius Shade 45 “Sway in the Morning” about his health, and how he plans to shrink from his current […]

According to DJ Scratch, producer and longtime DJ for EPMD, Erick Sermon suffered a heart attack on Saturday November 12th. The 42-year-old MC and producer from Long Island is “doing ok” but Scratch is asking fans to keep him in their prayers. LISTEN TO ERICK TALK ABOUT THE HEART ATTACK HERE!!(AUDIO) Scratch also mentioned that […]

Twenty three years after they jumped on the scene, EPMD is back with a brand new single called “Don’t Get Clapped.” “Clapped” comes three years after the group released the We Mean Business EP.