Despite the lack of any solid evidence to support the claims, rumors of an affair between Rihanna and her Roc Nation boss Jay Z have been running rampant on the gossip mill for years..and now we all know why. The fabricated affair between the pop superstar and the rap mogul has been cited as the […]

Legendary rapper Chuck D is not here for the nonsense in Hip-Hop music. The Public Enemy frontman haa been using his Twitter page to rail against the injustices in the Hip-Hop music industry and has taken a lot of heat because of it. None of that has phased Chuck D because he just put Australian […]

The new season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” started with a bang and continues to put the drama of the cast on full display. In the upcoming episode, Joseline and Stevie J‘s former assistant Donna, who was Joseline’s booking manager for a hot minute last season, goes to MiMi to expose the fake couple. […]

Wait what? According to TMZ, there may be proof that this whole thing is just BS and we’ve all taken the bait. As we previously reported, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps have been going at it pretty bad after Mike told a radio show audience that he thought Kevin was the most overrated comedian in […]

Despite having been gone since 2009, everybody is still trying to get some piece of Michael Jackson’s fortune. A man claiming to be his son went so far as to doctor DNA test results just to get inside of the Jackson Family. 31-year-old aspiring singer Brandon Howard, who is the son of 80s R&B star Miki Howard, alleged […]

  You never know what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to the internet. Recently, a song surfaced online where it appears Justin Bieber is using the N-word in a song called “What She Wants.” However, Bieber’s camp just put out a statement saying the song is a fake. In this song, Justin is […]

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  According to The Huffington Post, the track list for Kanye West’s upcoming “Yeezus” album may have leaked early, but probably it didn’t. The music blog Beats Per Minute, found an alleged photo of a pre-order form for the album. The picture shows  the names of thirteen songs. The likely fake tracklist photo lists “New Slaves” and “Black Skinhead,” which are in fact recent Kanye […]