Jamie Foxx snd Channing Tatum seem like a comic match and in “White House Down” that potential is on display. Although it’s an action movie,…

Not entirely sure who doubted this given a Haitian man fathered her oldest son and she is Haitian herself, but Garcelle Beauvais has confirmed that she is open to dating a man of a similar background. She touched on that and what her dating pool overall looks like in an interview with Kreyolicious. Plumbers with a […]

If Jamie Foxx endless supply of women begins to dry up, he can thank his former co-star Garcelle Beauvais. Beauvais, who played Fancy on The Jamie Foxx Show, confessed Jamie Foxx never got aroused during their steamy scenes on the sitcom. Garcelle Beauvais aired Jamie out on a TV Guide Channel show called, Hollywood Girls […]

Race has and will always be a hot button issue. A nonchalant comment can be turned into World War 3, depending on who you’re speaking too. One of the things that really get under people’s skin is interracial relationships. Couples with different amounts of melanin have to deal with random angry looks. The ridicule and scrutiny is intensified when one or […]