80's child star Gary Coleman still hasn't been buried. Coleman's former manager claims that the burial has been delayed due to legal wrangling between Coleman's widow and his parents.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the lives of those celebrities we’ve lost in 2010.

It’s disgraceful to take pictures of yourself and ex-husband on his death bed-yes, but what is even worse is selling them to the tabloids for $10,000.

From FreddyO.com According to Straightfromthea when Gary Coleman passed away last week at just 42 years old, he was estranged from his parents, Willie and Sue Coleman. Gary had sued the Colemans, his adoptive parents, years ago and accused them of mismanaging his earnings as a child star and the family never reconciled after the […]

Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42.

Actor Gary Coleman spoke to The Insider about his recent arrest for allegedly assaulting his wife.

Former child star Gary Coleman has been released from Utah County Jail in a wheelchair, looking very frail.

Gary Coleman found himself in trouble with the law in Utah on Sunday.