Gene Simmons made it a point to take the moral high ground on Prince's death.

Ice Cube threw his two cents in when he recently responded to Gene's comments after N.W.A. was inducted.

When Gene Simmons made some disrespectful comments about hip-hop to the press, Talib Kweli wasted no time with his clap back on twitter. But was what he said too over-the-top. Click on the audio player to hear what he said in this edition of the Early Morning Evening News on The Ed Lover Show.

Talib Kweli had a few words for Gene Simmons, who predicts Hip-Hop will soon be extinct.

Rock singer Gene Simmons is getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and he couldn’t be more upset about it. The lead singer of the legendary rock band KISS is angry at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for more than one reason and one of them has to do with […]

Rihanna often fancies herself as a rockstar, however, an iconic one recently had some not so nice words about the pop star and artists of her ilk. During a press conference to announce their reunion tour with Motley Crue, KISS bassist Gene Simmons said, “We’re sick and tired of girls getting up there with dancers and […]