Fabolous said he "wanted the young king to know he has options."


Valentine’s Day will be here in less than a week. That means Cupid is out and about doing drive-by love connections on people worldwide. It also means that your significant other is expecting some sort of token of appreciation for all the BS they put up with throughout the year. And for what it’s worth, […]

When will fans learn that before they send shots in Rihanna‘s direction that they had better check her return policy? A fan got a very rude awakening when she tried to put Rihanna on blast for Instagramming a purse she received as a gift. Once the fan voiced her opinion, Rihanna immediately replied and shut […]


James Bond and Batman were both known for one thing…gadgets. If you’ve ever seen either man in action, you know that the strength of their characters didn’t come from supernatural abilities or over-the-top powers but rather from some technologically advanced gizmo they carried around with them. Ever imagine what it would be like to have […]

He takes care of you and the kids (his or not), holds down the house, does dishes, takes out the trash (without being asked), kills bugs, ignores babes and curls your toes a few nights a week. Looks like you’ve got the kind of guy at home that most women beef about wanting to meet. […]


Every man who’s ever had to buy gift for his woman has had to walk the shopping tightrope. On one side is all the stuff she’d like, but on the other side is all the stuff you could really use. Well never fear, we here at TheUrbanDaily have come to the rescue with the often-overlooked […]


He’s your dawg through thick and thin. He’s held you down, he’s given you passes and he’s kept your secrets (aka lied for you,) and Christmas is around the corner. You gotta find a way to show this dude you love him… but you don’t want him thinking you’re trying to take this to another […]

Are you looking for that last minute Mother’s Day Gift that says Mom I appreciate you? We all love our Moms, I mean you only get one. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I know some of us have busy schedules and have yet to purchase a gift for Mom. Now you know […]