“I knew from the jump that it was gonna be a challenge for my listeners’ ear,” Kendrick Lamar tells Rick Rubin about To Pimp a Butterfly. “But if I’m challenging myself in the studio, I want to challenge you as well.” For GQ Style’s first-ever Holiday issue, Kendrick sat down with the legendary record producer/former co-President of Columbia […]

In Kim Kardashian‘s GQ cover story she held nothing back. Not only did she speak on her brother Rob’s relationship with Blac Chyna and being a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but she also spoke on the now infamous lyric on “Famous” where Kanye rapped about having sex with Taylor Swift and making her famous. Kim backed […]

On September 9, tennis star James Blake became the victim of racial profiling after an NYPD police officer mistook him for a criminal, tackled him to the ground, and threw handcuffs on him - all while James was casually texting and standing outside his NYC hotel.


President Barack Obama and his glorious First Smile cover GQ magazine's "Men of the Year" issue.

Any self-respecting college basketball fan remembers UConn’s Kemba Walker’s buzzer beater shot against Pitt back in 2011, and GQ recently caught up with the man behind the uniform. GQ asked Kemba about that amazing run four years ago, and Kemba himself can’t believe all the success he had during college. He just credits it all […]

Pharrell is the latest to cover GQ for “The Legacy Project,” which is a collection of artists who have made big news for the past year. The musician had a few things to say about why he works with so many women and songs with T.I. On working with T.I. for “Paperwork” song: “I wasn’t happy about […]


  Increasingly a fashion icon as much as a musical one, Kanye West has been voted GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, facing off against Idris Elba in the final bracket of a user-based poll for the site. Earlier this year, West was featured on the magazine’s cover for a feature article about his status in the fashion […]

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Remember when Kim Kardashian was crying like a new born baby over being naked and violated all over the internet? Well, we guess she’s not worried about that anymore because she just posed for British GQ Magazine for their ‘woman of the year’ issue. In the photos she’s naked on a bed. So much for trying to make everyone […]


Kanye West love Kanye West. There’s no doubt about that. His latest interview with GQ he delves into being newly married, his actual wedding and what it’s like to be a dad now. In true Kanye fashion, he said a lot of outlandish things (“I’m a porcupine. I’m a blowfish.”), but it seems as though […]

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So apparently GQ took a break from posting pictures of good looking men to write a list of the 25 Worst Rappers Of All Time and they named Insane Clown Posse the #1 worst! Umm Ouch! But never to be outdone, TMZ called the ICP up and asked them what they thought about receiving the […]

Lil Wayne and Eminem have joined an exclusive fraternity of rappers who have appeared on the cover of GQ magazine. In the past 50 Cent, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Drake have enjoyed solo shine on the most coveted page of Gentleman’s Quarterly, but Weezy and Shady share the distinction with Keith Richards for the November […]