Everyone loves a good first-person video game, so when you combine that with the biggest game franchise, “Grand Theft Auto,” it’s magic. Rockstar Games just announced that they will be releasing a first-person version of their wildly successful game, “Grand Theft Auto V” just in time for the holidays. It will be available for all […]

The “Grand Theft Auto” franchise is all about guilty pleasures. From the strip club jump-offs to the drive-by shootings and all the chaos in between, it’s definitely not a game you should play with your “family.” However, for you GTA V addicts who can’t decide between spending time with your loved ones and wasting time […]

In a continued trend of life imitating art, rapper and producer Daz Dillinger has a bone to pick with Rockstar Games, the creators of the record-setting video game, “Grand Theft Auto V.” According to TMZ, the DPG star says the makers jacked him for his music like it was a mission in the popular game. […]

  People take their video games very seriously. You saw how crazy the world got when Grand Theft Auto V hit the streets a few days ago. People camped out for a whole week for that game. And when people take a video game that seriously, violence is bound to erupt. A married couple in […]

At long last Rock Star Games has released the latest installment of their chart-topping video game franchise, “Grand Theft Auto” and the world may never be the same.  “Grand Theft Auto V” is the most expensive video game ever created and has already raked in $800 Million in worldwide retail sales since in 24 hours. […]