“We don’t hit women,” I told my son as I held his hand. His face was flush with frustration. My daughter was being a textbook kid sister and had antagonized him about something they were watching on television. As is common with kids, the dispute elevated into yelling and then hits were exchanged. My 5-year-old […]

NBA player Greg Oden was arrested in Indiana this morning after allegedly punching an ex-girlfriend in the face. According to a Lawrence Police Department report, officers arrived at a home belonging to Oden’s mother to find the victim crying and laying across a bed holding her face. A witness said that Oden “punched her in […]

While Miami’s Big Three are all opting out of their final year with the Miami Heat, back center Greg Oden has taken his talents off the court and to the beach. And some poor beach had the chance to defend a volleyball spike against the big man. Her chances of stopping a spike against was […]