There comes a point when a rapper has to think about what to do after the music stops. Many entertainers are business men (and women) who have more than one career title under their belts. We’ve seen many artists with their own clothing lines, energy drinks, even headphones, but Killer Mike can add barber to […]

Eyebrows are an enigma in men’s grooming because if you take care of them properly the idea is for them to go unnoticed. Anytime someone can comment on your eyebrows you’ve either done too much (“three cuts in your eyebrows tryin’ to wild out” ) or not enough (“? I moustache you a question.”) So […]

Nivea For Men has been running a campaign aimed at getting men to step their grooming game up called “Look Like You Give A Damn.” As Madison Avenue is well aware, men are pigs, and if they are making an attempt to brainwash us into buying something we don’t want, they feel the need to […]