Now see…THIS is the reason people have a hard time figuring out what is true and what is bull. Because everything with Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez appears to be scripted on their “reality” show, people are having a hard time believing that Joseline’s Twitter account was hacked the other day when her account sent […]

Oh boy…this could be huge or it could be nothing at all…at this point we really don’t know. But the internets are a flame with rumors regarding pics that were posted to Twitter which showed a battered Josline Hernandez. According to Vlad TV, Hernandez claimed her account was hacked…which does happen. But, where did the pics […]

  Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, is getting looked at in a whole new light. The college basketball player tweeted a photo of his penis for the world to see and then did the obligatory tweeting about his page being hacked. Marcus Jordan immediately had the photo deleted as soon as it […]