After being released from prison early Thursday, the trap king has been enjoying the simple things in life – like having a good meal and hitting the studio.


Tyga doesn’t seem to be having the best year ever in 2015, and he’s facing another roadblock. The Last Kings rapper is reportedly being threatened with…

The Screen

Despite some lukewarm reviews, the DreamWorks/Fox animated comedy Home was expected to bring in roughly $30 to $35 million in box office receipts during its opening weekend. It has surpassed those forecasts with an initial opening weekend of over $40 million. Variety reports the film cost $130 million to make, and it features vocal talent […]

Since the NBA is in its off season, NBA veteran Kevin Garnett should be worried about staying ready for next season. However, Garnett is involved in a huge battle with his neighbor. Garnett’s neighbor has just hit the NBA superstar with a lawsuit calling the player a liar and a deceiver. The whole beef between […]

After a less than stellar movie debut in 2012’s “Battleship,” Rihanna is taking a second chance at box office success with the Dreamworks animated movie “Home.”   Based on the best-selling children’s book “The True Meaning of Smekday,” Rih-Rih will voice Tip, a plucky and resourceful teen who manages to escape an alien invasion by the Boov, who relocate […]

Things for “Scandal” star Columbus Short continue to spiral out of control. After his wife filed for divorce alleging the actor threatened to kill her and himself, a judge has ordered Columbus Short to vacate his home after he gets his possessions. Not only must Short grab his things and go, he only gets two […]

It’s been three years since the passing of gangsta singer Nate Dogg, yet his estate is still not settled. Nate Dogg’s six children are still fighting over the sale of Nate’s Pomona, California home. As the story goes, when Nate Dogg passed, he left his home to his six children. However, a mere two days […]

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey is known for her generosity. She is also known for being a no nonsense business woman. Oprah Winfrey put on her business woman hat and had her former step mother evicted out of a Tennessee home the woman shared with Oprah’s father. As the story goes, Oprah bought a home in […]

As if going through a rough public divorce wasn’t hard enough, Khloe Kardashian and her estranged husband Lamar Odom recently discovered they were victims of a jewelry theft. As the story goes, Khloe and Lamar have both moved out of their Tarzana, California mansion. It was sold to “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco and […]

Legendary singer/songwriter Babyface almost lost one of his homes over the weekend. Babyface’s Los Angeles mansion caught fire while people were inside.   As the story goes, the fire started in one of the mansion’s bathrooms. While the fire had the potential to do serious damage to the property, nothing major was destroyed. The home […]

  We have some sad news to report. The sister of Natina Reed of R&B trio Blaque was found dead yesterday in her Atlanta home. Niesha Stevens was found by her seven-year-old daughter.  The young girl was at home with her mother while her father, Tim Stevens, was working. This is a crippling blow to Tim […]

Elin Nordegren is feeling mighty fancy. The ex-wife of  pro-golfer Tiger Woods purchased a $12 million mansion in North Palm Beach in March 2011, right on the heels of her $100 million divorce settlement: Apparently not satisfied with the massive, 9,000 sq. foot home, Elin took a wrecking ball to her property, literally bringing down […]