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Pharrell set the record straight while visiting Ellen DeGeneres' show.

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The world has come crumbling down around the cast (family) of A&E‘s top rated show Duck Dynasty and it all centers around the bigoted comments that patriarch Phil Robertson made during a  recent GQ interview. But here’s the thing….he has been publicly ridiculed and shamed for homophobic comments that he made during the interview while […]


  Two “Big Brother” contestants better not be expecting to be employed when they leave the BB 15  house at some point this summer as they are in for a rude awakening! Racism and homophobia don’t pay. In fact, they can even make you lose pay! This is the case with  GinaMarie Zimmerman  and Aaryn Gries who […]


  Every summer host Julie Chin tells the current house guests to “expect the unexpected”. Welp CBS and Big Brother big wigs got that message sent right back to them this summer from the new house guests currently inhabiting the Big Brother house!  The latest cast members are turnt up and not in a positive […]