No matter where your hood is, there are certain people, items and elements you are guaranteed to find there, because it’s the hood! Click on the audio player to hear this hilarious clip from The Ed Lover Show.

Sister Souljah discusses her fifth novel, “A Moment Of Silence: Midnight III” and she describes how growing up in the hood has always inspired her to write. She explains how the experiences she has and the things she has witnessed have always contributed to her storytelling. Click on the audio player to hear more in this […]


  Barbershops are exclusive clubs that were designed to be the ultimate clubhouse for MEN. In a barbershop, fellas can bond and be honest about their thoughts and feelings without the prying scrutiny of womanhood poking away at their souls. There’s literally nothing else to do in a barbershop but talk sh*t with your comrades, […]

Remember those days you were in your old neighborhood playing in the streets during the summer. Knowing you couldn’t keep running in and out of the house, children running the block had to make due with the change they found throughout the day. In the hoods across America, people hit the bodega to see what […]