Ice Cube

At exactly 1:30pm, in between an informal lunch and lazy post, my cellphone slipped off the counter, vibrating how it does when my alarm goes off. I grabbed my notepad, ran to a desolate place and slammed the door. One minute later, the desk phone flashed. “Hey this is Ice Cube,” the line on the […]

On the heels of Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) revelation that “Straight Outta Compton” is one of his all-time favorite rap songs comes word that a movie based on the life of the legendary rap group N.W.A. is very much on its way to theaters. The Wrap has the word: Negotiations are underway for Universal Pictures […]

Chris Tucker sat down with Vulture and discussed whether or not he’ll be participating in sequels to Rush Hour and Friday. Yes, and, no, basically, and he’s laughing at much of what’s floating around the Web. Why haven’t you done a non-Rush Hour film in the last fifteen years? It’s not that often you get […]

Speculation about whether there would be a final Friday installment was quelled last month. Ice Cube confessed there would be a film called Last Friday. When Cube announced the new film, he also mentioned he and Chris Tucker were talking and trying to work something out to have Tucker appear in the film. However, it’s […]

Ice Cube has rocked everything from a jeri curl to cornrows, and his latest hairstyle of choice is a fully picked out afro. So why…

When it comes to rap music, nobody is ever satisfied. When Nicki Minaj dropped her initial buzz singles, she had fans so divided you would think hip-hop was ready to engage in a civil war. Coors Light heard the battle cries and is trying to increase the hip-hop peace. Coors Light is beginning their search […] – Ice Cube talks about the comedy remake, “21 Jump Street” and his role as police Captain Dickson: I don’t just wanna be loud and big, I wanna be funny too, so just making sure you can balance the loud, over the top, cliche police captain [character] with the jokes that are in the script [is […]

The prospect of an N.W.A. biopic is quickly becoming a reality. Former member and driving force behind the film, Ice Cube, gave a few minor updates on the project while doing promo for his latest comedy, 21 Jump Street. According to the West Coast legend, the script for the N.W.A. film is almost done. They’ve […]

A few years ago hip-hop nerds created a flow chart of Ice Cube’s classic song, “It Was A Good Day.” Plan Your Own Good Day In L.A. Now one music fan has taken it one step further and figured out–based on the clues given in the song–the EXACT DATE that Ice Cube’s Good Day took […]

Ice Cube is making a fulltime move to TV with his new show “Eye For An Eye.” In addition to starring in the vigilante drama series, Cube will work as the executive producer. “Eye For An Eye” will air on FX, and here’s how describes it: “Eye For An Eye” centers on a complex […]

Ice Cube and Woody Harrelson star in the police brutality drama, Rampart. Lyrical Vacation: Drake and The French Laundry Harrelson plays a rogue cop named Dave Brown who is caught on camera beating a suspect and Ice Cube is Kyle Timkins, the internal affairs officer investigating the case. The film opens in theaters on January […]

Remember those days you were in your old neighborhood playing in the streets during the summer. Knowing you couldn’t keep running in and out of the house, children running the block had to make due with the change they found throughout the day. In the hoods across America, people hit the bodega to see what […]