On May 6, James Blake released his album The Colour in Anything. And much to the delight of his fans, he performed a few new tracks from the album in Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater last night. Blake’s live performances are often magical and he didn’t disappoint. He gave amazing renditions of the title track as […]

Yes, from what I know. It may be subject to change. He is onto something, he really is," says James.

James Blake's long-awaited album Radio Silence is well on its way, and according to the UK crooner, it features a song that's 20 minutes long.

On September 9, tennis star James Blake became the victim of racial profiling after an NYPD police officer mistook him for a criminal, tackled him to the ground, and threw handcuffs on him - all while James was casually texting and standing outside his NYC hotel.

Footage of James Blake being aggressively thrown to the ground by a New York police officer has surfaced on the web. The video was released by…

Will it ever end? For the past few years, the police force has been ostracized for an overly aggressive approach with African Americans. From Eric Garner, to Freddie Gray, to Michael Brown, you would think that cops would learn to ease up a bit after those horrific situations. Well, apparently, they haven’t gotten the memo yet as […]