James Harden

What makes for a great smooth shave? One that makes you feel like you’re opening a brand new iPad every time you take it out of the box? Bevel CEO Tristan Walker has perfected the experience of a healthy, luxurious shave for men with curly hair. We spoke with Walker about his sleek line, and […]

Whether or not LeBron James vs. James Harden is a legitimate rivalry yet, the competition between the two NBA stars was jumpstarted with a kick during Sunday night’s game. Last night, the NBA announced that Harden has been suspended for a single game without pay for kicking LeBron in the groin during Sunday’s matchup. The kick, which came in the third quarter […]

In Monday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets’ James Harden pulled off a flawless crossover causing Ricky Rubio to to fall over his own feet clearing the way for a successful step-back three pointer.  

  With the new NBA Season kicking off earlier this week, fans across the globe have every reason to smile once again. The association is home to some of the greatest, and more charismatic athletes in the world. And with the popularity of social media, the fans are given direct access to some of their […]

Reigning MVP Kevin Durant‘s got the number one spot in the NBA, and now he’s even tops on the virtual court. KD has scored the cover of the upcoming video game release NBA 2K15, and he’s got no issue stating that he’s quite frankly, the best. Durant was joined by fellow NBA All Stars Steph Curry of the […]

Just a few months removed from an appearance in the NBA Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC) have traded Sixth Man of the Year and the third of their “Big 3” James Harden to the Houston Rockets. Ofcourse Harden was more known for his scraggly beard than his game in the Finals, but that wasn’t […]

Infamous NBA star Metta World Peace didn’t always have a peaceful demeanor. Since beginning therapy, World Peace has lived p to his name. However, he wasn’t always so damn peaceful. Before changing his name, Ron Artest was known for throwing bows, tables, ladders, and chairs. Well, maybe not the tables, ladders, and chairs, but he […]

Lakers forward Metta World Peace, aka Ron Artest, was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder for throwing an elbow at James Harden. On the Scene in Austin, Texas: SXSW The hit following an offensive play by Artest was ruled a “flagrant 2” foul and harden was sent back to the locker room […]