The name may not sound familiar, but his work behind the production boards is instantly recognizable. Jerry “Wonda” Duplesis is an all-around renaissance man in the music industry. Not only has he been churning out hits for your favorite stars for more than 17 years, Jerry Wonda has branched out in to entrepreneurship. He […]

At the end of last season’s Love & Hip-Hop, Olivia said she signed a deal and nobody believed her. Everybody must eat crow because she was telling the truth. G-Unit’s former First Lady inked a record deal with Jerry Wonda. If the name is unfamiliar, his work surely isn’t. Wonda co-produced Whitney Houston’s “My Love […]

Platinum Sound producer Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis has been experiencing a sonic boom. The producer for everyone from Justin Bieber (“U Smile”) and Shakira (“Hips Don’t Lie”)  has had the streets humming along to that infectious bassline on  Dirty Money and Mary J. Blige’s “Someone To Love Me.” In the midst of planning the entertainment for […]