An estimated 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. Some of his longtime fans and supporters, however, have never bought into the allegations.

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Jill Scott caught a wave of criticism when she defended Bill Cosby at the height of his sexual assault accusations late last year, but the R&B…


Iggy Azalea has been under a lot of criticism from those who question her authenticity. The Australian rapper was under even more scrutiny during a recent Eve and Jill Scott interview with Sway In The Morning. Eve noted that she understands why people get upset with the Aussie star (who recently said she “sparked a change” […]


Last weekend, Lifetime premiered the Whitney Houston biopic, Whitney.  Despite the overall mixed reviews and controversy surrounding the Angela Bassett-directed project, which starred Yaya DaCosta in nothing short of a breakout role and featured Deborah Cox’s mesmerizing vocals, Whitney proved to be a ratings boon for the network. Tomorrow night, Lifetime is set to premier […]


Bill Cosby has remained nearly mute about his side of the sexual assault allegations, however when Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott both vocalized their support of the legendary actor,  he hopped on Twitter to publicly thank them both for their support. Goldberg publicly defended him “The View” during the cast roundtable discussion. “Quite honestly, look, I’m sorry, […]

Not many people have spoken out in support of Bill Cosby. Since it’s come out that the comedian has allegedly raped over 15 women, his costars and friends have pretty much been silent. Until now. Jill Scott tweeted her thoughts about the Cosby situation and said that she believes that the media wants to bring him down. […]

A series of pics that showed various stars in the nude, hit the internets recently and singing phenom Jill Scott was one of the victims of the heist. Scott took to her Twitter to explain that the photo was for the documentation of her weight-loss. Anyone who has ever embarked on a massive weight-loss journey […]

The Godfather of Soul gets the big screen treatment with “Get On Up,” which follows James Brown from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most iconic figures in American music history. Must Watch: What Chadwick Boseman Found In James Brown’s Closet [EXCLUSIVE] Far from having an idyllic Cosby-esque existence, Brown’s childhood years were fraught […]

When it was announced a film was going to be made about the life and times of legend James Brown, music fans said, “Finally!” Now that the film is done, the trailers are helping build buzz and anticipation for “Get On Up.” Starring Chadwick Boseman of “42” fame as James Brown, the film chronicles Brown’s […]

Living her life like it’s “Golden” for sure! Jilly from Philly just became “Doctor Jill Scott” and she gave a touching speech on behalf of the Temple University Class of 2014!   Check it out below!     We are so bombarded with images of ratchetry and foolishness that we forget what it looks like for […]

Rapper/producer/actor David Banner took a little break from music. While many assumed it was solely because he was making strides in the world of acting. However, that’s not the only reason Banner stepped back from music. According to the Mississippi native, he took a break from music in order to live his life. The best […]

Good day in the morning. Jill Scott has given her fans/stans/digital stalkers 4:07 of life in the new video for The Robert Glasper Experiment’s “Calls,” from the upcoming “Black Radio 2” compilation. “We shot it in L.A. It’s more out of the box. It’s not your standard, obvious ‘neo-soul’ type video,” Glasper told “We’re […]