The 87-year-old was undergoing a routine checkup with his Los Angeles-based doctor last Friday when he fell ill.


Joe Jackson, father of the late musical legend Michael Jackson, was admitted to a hospital in Brazil over the weekend after suffering a stroke, USA Today reports. Jackson was in the country celebrating his 87th birthday and planned on attending a bash in his honor. However, he was taken to Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, where doctors discovered […]

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Joe Jackson has been painted as everything from a monster to a genius over the decades. His love for his children overshadowed by greed and…

Famed choreographer Wade Robson has stirred up controversy with allegations that Michael Jackson sexually abused him from the time he was seven until he was fourteen years old. Although many are skeptical about Robson’s claims, Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, says Wade Robson is getting paid to make these allegations against his deceased son. TMZ […]

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According to several sources, Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has suffered a stroke. The 83 year old manager of the Jackson family of music superstars is recovering in an unknown hospital. More on this as it develops. [SOURCE]   Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews!

We all thought Michael Jackson and his siblings had it bad when they were catching whoopings from their svengali of a father Joe Jackson. However, if you are thinking of crossing Joe Jackson anytime soon, rethink your position. Joe Jackson has a gun and is not against using it. Joe’s eyebrow-raising moment happened in Las […]

A suit Joe Jackson filed against AEG and Dr. Conrad Murray over the death of his son, Michael Jackson, has been tossed out of court. A judge ruled that because the suit was filed after Katherine Jackson filed hers on the behalf of her and Michael’s three kids, his suit can’t go on. Joe’s only […]

The Jackson kids were talented and I would assume they got it from their father. Joseph Jackson had a few talents of his own, boxing and music. He played guitar as a member of the singing group the Falcons during the 1950s. His brother Luther was also part of the group. After the group could […]

Jay-Z has been nominated for an Illuminati award along with Obama and Justin Bieber. Also we give out the Joe Jackson parent of the year award. Every week we select our pick of the hottest content from today’s entertainment & arts movers & shakers. Filmakers, musicians, poets, animators, etc. can now submit their hottest video […]

Los Angeles, California — Michael Jackson’s father suspects his son was murdered and that Dr. Conrad Murray is “just a fall guy” in a conspiracy.