jurnee smollett-bell

On Friday March 29th Tyler Perry presents his latest film, the sexually charged “Temptation.” While we haven’t seen the film yet, the trailer has piqued our interest. Here are 5 reasons we want to check it out that we’ve chopped, screwed and slowed down for maximum impact. Must Watch:  Jurnee Smollett-Bell Tries To Resist “Temptation” […]

Plenty of people believe once they put a ring on their significant others’ finger that the work in the relationship is done. However, like every married person will tell you, marriage is constant work and if one partner isn’t taking care of business, the other may be tempted to step outside of the sacrosanct union […]

When Tyler Perry first announced he would have Brandy and her brother’s sex tape partner Kim Kardashian in the same movie, thirst buckets salivated at the potential on set drama likely to ensue. Nothing like that happened, except for the drama written in the film. Originally titled “The Marriage Counselor,” Tyler Perry and company changed […]