Justice League

Tune in to a brand new episode of “Cinema in Noir” for the latest in film news hosted by ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, with special guest hosts Arturo R. Garcia (Racialicious.com) and Daryle Lockhart (Black Box Office).  Our topics include: (2:17 mark) FILM REVIEW–SPARKLE (11:30 mark) COLORISM IN HOLLYWOOD–The African-American community is divided over the news of […]

DJ Khaled, hip-hop’s most popular curator (how else would you describe what he does?), is prepping the release of his sixth album, Kiss The Ring on August 21st. In true “let’s get everybody on this track” fashion Khaled has orchestrated a tribute to “Hip-Hop” featuring vocals by Nas and Scarface with Justice League  and DJ […]

With Hollywood looking for new ways to make a dollar the re-boot of comic-based films is becoming more common. After the Batman series was reborn as The Dark Knight and Superman was given a new millennium makeover now even Spider Man will go back to the drawing board with an all new cast.

  “N*ggas want my old shit, buy my old album/N*ggas stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it movin,…” Jay-Z “On To The Next One” The Blueprint is dead, long live The Blueprint. Sometimes you just can’t go back. It’s a little counterproductive as fans and critics to wish Jay-Z would do “the original” Blueprint over. […]