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As Kanye West recovers, he will not return home to be with his wife Kim Kardashian West and their two children.

Kanye West will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award at this year’s MTV VMAs, according to Complex. We’re sure the rapper-producer won’t be upset about getting the lifetime achievement award, as he’ll be in great company along with Beyonce, LL Cool J, Justin Timberlake, and others. This won’t be the first time West will […]

When Kanye West speaks, people listen. During his latest interview with Clique TV the emcee was able to touch on a variety of topics from racism and classism to why he thinks of Drake as a sparring partner. The conversation also dove into fashion and Yeezy’s aspirations for the world. We gathered some of his most intriguing quotes to showcase the […]

We know this video is old, but it’s always refreshing to see Kanye West having fun and smiling. And, honestly, who can sit still when you hear A-Ha’s “Take On Me”? Right, it’s impossible. Watch below. MUST SEE: Why So Serious? 11 Pics Of Kanye Looking Miserable Since Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Like on Facebook! MORE […]

As we previously reported, on Friday, September 12, 2014 Kanye West was performing in Sydney, Australia and stopped mid-performance to insist all of the fans stand up before he would continue with his show. After stopping the concert a second time to throw another ranty tantrum about people sitting down, he found that the two […]

According to Eben Gregory, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of Kanye West on her Instagram. In the pic Kanye was wearing a face mask just like the ones worn by Jay Z and Beyonce in their “On the Run Tour” promos. This seems a little strange upon first glance but after reading the caption that is written […]

Kanye West is back at it. The rants are in epic form once again! This time he is going off about his interracial relationship with Kim Kardashian and how we all hate them together because they are not of the same race. At some point someone needs to tell Yeezus to come down off the […]

Stuff like this is always fun. Testing your rap knowledge is competitive when you’re by yourself as well as with others, and that’s where The Rap Test comes in. Created by mobile engineer, Danny Friday, you’re sure to be addicted to this game in no time. The rules are simple: Pick a rapper. Listen to the […]

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According to Huffington Post, “The Daily Currant” ran a fake or satirical  interview with Kanye West that had Kanye saying obnoxious things like  he thinks he’s “the next Nelson Mandela.” The internets mistakenly heard that the story was true..and lost it’s collective shizz! The story had “Yeezus” saying things like,  “Mandela was working in South Africa, which […]

Kanye West brought his Yeezus tour to Atlanta this weekend and the following day the iconic artist stopped by Hot 107.9 to speak exclusively with…

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After publicly calling for a boycott of Louis Vuitton, Kanye West got busted by TMZ leaving his New York apartment using Louis Vuitton luggage! Oops! Take a look in the video below!     Rule number one…if you are going to ask everyone to stand with you and stop supporting a brand…then ya better stop […]