Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are allegedly planning a wedding. Before you roll your eyes in doubt… read on for receipts. In Hollywood, the more rumors you hear, the more likely it’s true. And rumors have been swirling about this pair for almost two years after Foxx allegedly “wooed” the Dawson’s Creek actress at a […]

Rumors are swirling around Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The two are being romantically linked and it seems People may have sources to back this notion. According to those sources, Holmes and Foxx have been together for a year, though, they say, it’s not a “serious” relationship. “This is not some intense romance,” one of […]

  The Gods of the Yes-Men are rejoicing heavy now. Jamie Foxx, the Oscar Award-winning star of the silver screen was reported by In Touch Magazine via multiple-source confirmations that Jamie was jumping off with Katie Holmes on a regular basis. In other words, Foxx pulled the ultimate homie-hop by claiming Katie, ex-wife of his […]

  As weird as this sounds, rumors have been swirling (see what I did there?) about Jamie Foxx dating actress Katie Holmes. The pair was first spotted out at various events in August and the gossip of a relationship has been spreading since. However, Jamie Foxx is finally coming out to deny said rumors. As […]

Katie Holmes was spotted poolside in an inny tiny bikini giving husband Tom Cruise a kiss on the lips. Check out the photo below: