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[ooyala code=”hrZmN4ODqCt94paiOOWJrvew3LoJk1C7″] In this week’s episode of “What’s Hot” Keith David talks about TV One’s new show “Belle’s.” “It’s a sitcom but it also has wonderful elements that are not ‘ha-ha’ funny but they’re funny because  we recognize them. And I love that.” Watch the full interview and behind the scenes footage above. CLICK HERE […]

“Cloud Atlas” is an ambitious, 3-hour epic based on the novel by British author David Mitchel. In the film audiences follow the lives of several characters across different lifetimes as their souls attempt to fulfill their destiny.  Hollywood veteran Keith David takes on four different personas as Kupaka, Joe Napier, An-kor Apis and Prescient as […]

The Emmy Award winning thespian Keith David “will debut his first workshop for aspiring actors entitled ‘So, You Want to Be an Actor?’ at the historical Morehouse” college on Saturday July 30, 2011 at 10am-6pm at the Leadership Conference Center at Morehouse Bank of America Auditorium located at 830 Westview Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30314. […]

Actor Keith David has had some amazing roles in his over twenty-year career. But whenever he seems to get within five feet of a rapper he ends up lending them money. In this summer’s “Lottery Ticket” one of the smoothest voices in Hollywood plays Sweet Tee, a loan shark who makes Bow Wow’s character Kevin […]