B.B. Kings played host to the kickoff of Dipset‘s ‘Pledge of Allegiance‘ tour. The uptown crew kicked their new records “Have My Money” and “Do Something“, while running through a ton of classics. The Diplomats will be moving down the turnpike for a date on February 27 in Jersey. Check the group’s first live […]

  As Dipset prepares to release their new mixtape, the uptown crew has announced that they’ll be embarking on a formal assembly in that of the ‘Pledge of Allegiance‘ tour. And just so you know how serious the squad is, they’re opening daring you on their new single “Do Something”. Check the dates and new […]

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Sometimes one of the not so great things about being a complete smartass on social media is that you get caught by the person you are making jokes about….it’s how you recover once you are caught that makes all the difference. We’ve all been there a time or two on Twitter….when EVERYONE is commenting on […]