kobe bryant

The 2015-2016 NBA season will be Kobe Bryant‘s last. The five-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers announced the news in a poem on The Players’ Tribune, aptly called, “Dear Basketball.” The poem periodically shut down the internet, as viewers flooded the site to read the farewell. Kobe’s 20th season is capped with NBA milestone […]

Kobe Bryant is known for his competitive edge and, at times, less than stellar attitude.

Master P, who says he was "like a mentor" to Lamar, shared his true feelings about Kobe while speaking with TMZ in a market parking lot.

Everybody has been closely examining Kobe Bryant’s health since he stepped back on the court this month. It appears that the Mamba still has some juice in the tank. Exhibit A? Last night against Israel’s Maccabi Haifa, Kobe gave a hellacious performance. #24 dropped 21 points in 18 minutes in the Lakers 126-83 rout. Granted, this […]

The pairing of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles was deadly. The two captured the highly coveted three-peat status in the NBA before having a rather famous fallout. Now, over a decade after they stopped playing on the same team, the two sat down to discuss what happened in the land of purple and gold. […]

In the early 2000’s, the Lakers owned the NBA. Kobe and Shaq were an indomitable force for nearly a decade by bringing the city of L.A. three championship rings. Despite their overwhelming dominance, egos crushed their relationship and ultimately resulted in Shaq chucking deuces to the city of Hollywood. Now, after nearly 10 years, Shaq […]

It’s been a long and arduous three years for Kobe Bryant. Marred by a bevy of injuries and an abysmal roster, Kobe has been on his J.Cole – merely a sideline story. Today (Aug. 24), it appears that a glimmer of hope may shine over Laker land because for the first time in nine months, […]

  After a tumultuous season marred by injuries and numerous blunders, the Los Angeles Lakers were the laughing stock of the NBA. This off-season, Lakers’ General Manager, Mitch Kupchak, has done a decent job in equipping Kobe Bryant with solid role players, and by of course, drafting the number two pick of this year’s draft, […]

Brandon Armstrong has developed a nice niche on social media with his latest NBA impersonations. If you have not seen them already, he has complied a pretty impressive resume including impersonations of Russell Westbrook, Shawn Marion, and Tim Duncan. Today (August 4), Armstrong takes on his biggest challenge to date in trying to impersonate the […]

Damn, Kobe. You were called out by…Jared Dudley. In a series of interviews with ESPN Radio, the Milwaukee Bucks forward said that most NBA players do not want to be on a team with Kobe Bryant. Dudley says the veteran Lakers star has not learned to “tone it down” and rely on his teammates to help carry […]