Chinese billionaire and film producer Run-Run Shaw had a gang of credits under his name. The philanthropist who donated billions to colleges, the investor that helped saved Macy’s department store with cash for a chapter-11 bailout, the man who was knighted in Great Britain, the guy who lived past 100 or even the fellow with […]


  Bruce Lee, the kung fu phenom whosw legendary skills are laced throughout classic martial arts flicks has been celebrated for his abilities over the last 40 years since his passing. However, According to the AP, Lee’s daughter hopes that more people make the effort to understand his teachings and life philosophy. Marking his death 40 years ago […]

No one has ever done it better than the one the only Bruce Lee! Click through to see the sick video mega-mix.

Samuel L. Jackson is on-hand to star as another bad guy again, but it'll be in Columbia Pictures' remake of the 1985 cult classic <em>The Last Dragon</em>.