Leading Men

Actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. has seen the highs and lows of success and through it all he’s persevered in his career. Widely known for his Oscar-winning portrayal of Rod Tidwell in the hit 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” Cuba hit a professional rough patch right after his win. While many people would give up and move […]

2013 may go down as Jay Z’s best year ever. Who starts the year at the Presidential Inauguration then goes on to win two Grammys, drinks his new cognac out of said Grammys, goes to Cuba, releases a #1 album that goes platinum before it’s even released, and watch his wife headline his very own […]

In 1987, Singer/songwriter Kashif had a big hit with the song “Love Changes.”Actor turned singer Jamie Foxx covered the song in 2005 and it couldn’t be a better song to describe his transformation in the public spotlight. Born in Terrell, Texas, Jamie was a goofy athlete with a mean jheri curl. Despite being a big […]

Actor Don Cheadle has been a leading man in Hollywood for a long time. He’s had star turns in hit films like “Out of Sight,” “Traffic,” and “Iron Man 2.” However, what truly makes him a leading man is his effort to shine a light on the charitable causes around the world. Not only is […]

Many know actor Idris Elba for his dashing good looks, immense acting talent, and alluring accent. However, many don’t know how Elba had to pick himself up by the bootstraps to make his dream of becoming a world-famous actor come to fruition. Not only were the odds stacked against Elba and his dreams, but there […]

When it comes to making your personal idiosyncrasies work for you, rapper/actor Andre 3000 is a study. Known for his left-of-center sense of style and music, Andre 3000 has made being different cooler than being apart of any cool kid crew in school. Ever since entering the rap game with his partner-in-rhyme Big Boi, collectively […]

During the climb to stardom in the entertainment, it’s very easy for one to stray away from their core values in search of a dollar. However, rapper/actor LL Cool J is not one of the entertainers who’s fallen victim to his desire for money.   Born James Todd Smith in Queens, NY, LL Cool J has […]

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