Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine weren’t the only two notable names to benefit from the deal with Apple. According to ESPN, Lebron James made over $30 million in both cash and stock when Apple bought Beats Electronics for $3 billion.   LBJ took in a small stake with Beats Electronics in 2008 and has reportedly […]

The first game of the NBA Finals took place Thursday night with the San Antonio Spurs taking it over the Heat with 110-95. It wasn’t without controversy, though, with the Heat’s star player LeBron James missing the last four minutes of the game due to leg cramps which he said was caused by the AT&T Center’s air conditioning malfunctioning. […]

After the Pacers won game five over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, Indiana Pacers swing Lance Stephenson was seen blowing in the…

Lance Stephenson said after game four that LeBron James weak because he began trash talking at the end of the game and said it was…

We’re only half way through the NBA playoffs, and several players and teams have broken personal records and franchise for better or worse. Most Three…

NBA superstar LeBron James may be the king on thew court, but rapping is where he’s trying to take his talents to. An old freestyle over the Jay Z favorite “F*ckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt” recently hit the internet and LeBron hasn’t been able to live it down since. No, thismis not an April Fool’s joke. LeBron James really […]

We know that LeBron James is a super hero to his teammates, but now it’s official. After breaking his nose in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder last week, the Miami Heat’s the reigning MVP was forced to strap on a protective mask for the Feb. 27th game against the New York Knicks. This was […]

Lebron James has proven to be a dependable athlete on the court during his NBA career. Unfortunately, Lebron was not the best student in fourth grade after missing 82 of 160 days of school. Lebron’s mother, Gloria James, had been arrested for petty crimes including trespassing and disorderly conduct which led to her spending seven […]

The basketball knowledge and fandom of President Barack Obama has been well established. But what you didn’t know was that his 5′ 11″ in wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, has mad hops. During their recent visit to the White House, the Miami Heat filmed a PSA for the First Lady’s healthy living ‘Let’s Move’ initiative. […]

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Wow that just happened?! Stacey Klein a producer from NBC was at the White House and took it upon herself to tell the world that she saw LeBron James ask some girl for her phone number! The follow up questions here should have been…So what? What does that mean? In an industry where people are constantly […]