First off, Andy Mineo is a rapper. Secondly, Andy Mineo loves god. While his profession juxtaposes his faith, Andy has been on a mission to show the world that can he indeed be a man of God while scripting 16’s for a living. For years, rap has appeared famished because of the lack of soul […]

Lecrae, the Grammy-winning Christian rapper who recently made headlines surrounding his involvement in a lawsuit against pop star Katy Perry, is one of the most unlikely Hip-Hop stars you’ll ever meet. You won’t catch him rocking the most ostentatious jewelry or any other over-the-top threads. That’s because the 34-year-old is using his gift of rhyme […]

Former Gospel singer turned secular pop star Katy Perry is being sued by some of her former Christian music counterparts for ripping off their song and using it for black magic and witchcraft. According to a new lawsuit filed in court, Christian rappers LeCrae and FLAME are suing Perry claiming her Juicy J-assisted hit “Dark […]

Rapper Lecrae, the critically-acclaimed hip-hop artist released his first single from the forthcoming album “Anomaly” at exactly 1:16pm EST on July 1, 2014. The single, titled “Nuthin,” will be streaming on the official Reach Records YouTube Channel. Known for his elevative message that is often at odds with his hip-hop peers, Lecrae speaks of monogamy, […]

Upon first listen you wouldn’t know that LeCrae is a Gospel artist. His current single “Go Hard” sounds like a cross between Kurt Franklin and Young Jeezy. His songs are catchy, the beats are banging and you sure wouldn’t catch your traditional Gospel artist reciting lines like: “Lord kill me If I don’t preach the […]