Lil Flip

  Rapper Lil’ Flip, was due in court today for a hearing pertaining to his gun and drug possession charges from an arrest in December, Christmas night to be exact. That in and of itself seems like one heck of a problem for the young rapper, but not showing up to court today makes all of […]

Rappers and strip clubs go together like lotion and ashy elbows. However, rappers and tax issues go together like peanut butter and jelly. It seems every time you turn around, rappers owe the government money. Some of hip-hop’s storytellers may have found a way to lessen the weight of taxes. Rappers Jim Jones, The Game, […]

Rapper Lil Flip insists that it is not “Game Over” on his fight with the law over a recent arrest. The Houston-based artist was arrested in Louisiana on Christmas Eve after cops pulled him over for speeding. A search of his vehicle turned up marijuana and an AR-15 rifle. However, Flip (real name Eric Weston) […]